flooring and escalator FeRFAssure FeRFAssure The annual policy which provides Latent Defect Cover for all your contracts during the year for up to 5 years

Customer Research

showed common concerns when selecting a contractor to undertake work;
  • Choosing the RIGHT contractor is difficult
  • Will the contractor do a good job?
  • Will the contractor finish the work?
  • Will the product last as long as it should?
  • If it goes wrong will the contractor fix it?

Contractor Research

we also spoke to the contractors and they have concerns too;

  • Wanting to grow their business profitably
  • Not wanting to be the cheapest
  • Will the customer pay the bill?
  • If the contract goes wrong, my business is at risk
  • How do I differentiate myself from other contractors?

Become a FeRFAssure resin contractor

It is very easy to start using FeRFAssure;

  • Simply complete the online application form below
  • COBRA will carry out a credit check and provide you with a quote for the annual cost by email
  • COBRA will deal with all applications within 24 hours
  • Once accepted you will be sent login details by email for the on-line registration system for all jobs
  • You will then be able to start registering your resin flooring installations

By offering FeRFAssure, you can:

  • Offer all your clients peace of mind
  • Differentiate your business from competitors. There is no other facility like this available in the Resin Flooring Industry
  • Use our simple web-based system, 24/7
  • Receive documents instantly by email upon registration 
  • Exclusive to FeRFA members

What our clients say

The COBRA team have invested their time over the last 10 years to source insurance solutions for FeRFA members. They understand the daily challenges faced from concept, specification, completing the project and after care. Unlike other brokers, COBRA has tailored their services and policies to reflect the ever demanding needs of the industry.

Tracy Glew, FeRFA

In the past we have used different insurers for all our separate needs which oftentimes became very confusing and, especially when it came to renewal, very time consuming. Cobra were highly recommended to us and as such we switched all of our separate insurances through them. This comprehensive package is hugely beneficial to us and when you also take into account how easy it is to get set-up, how quick to reply with any issues Cobra are and that it was actually a cheaper option then it’s a no-brainer. I have had many conversations with other contractors unhappy with their insurance and my first response is always “Call Cobra!”

On the recommendation of FeRFA we contacted Cobra Insurance Brokers and found them to be extremely knowledgeable regarding the special requirements of the resin industry and contracting in general. 

They initially reduced our ever increasing premiums for Employers Liability, Public/Product Liability and Contractors All Risks by as much as £5000.00pa.They also provided excellent insurance cover for our fleet of vehicles as well as competitive rates for the provision of warranties.

Tony Hills, Ryebrook Resins

SPE International Ltd have now been using Cobra Insurance Brokers for over 5 Years, the service that is provided is second to none and they go above and beyond to provide this.  We had been with our previous provider for over 20 Years, and to change after so many years was a daunting task, this was made easy by Howard and his team, and we only wish we had done it years ago.  They are always at the end of a telephone for assistance and advise for all our business insurance needs, including bespoke projects. They are approachable, friendly and we would definitely recommend to other Ferfa Members.

John Hill, SPE

We have been using cobra Insurance Brokers in excess of 10 years and during this time have always found them to be highly professional, approachable and knowledgeable ready to meet our bespoke business needs.

I would highly recommend Cobra Insurance Brokers to anybody in the flooring industry as they are active members of Ferfa and in today’s market they have the skill and mind set to meet a business’ challenging needs.